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Duties: Real and Perceived

Those who know me know that I am patient and understanding. I will take hits for a long time. Unfortunately for those dolling out the punches, when I snap it is hard and fast. Usually those on the other end had no idea what hit them. This is most accurate when explaining my battles with the Alberta government, more specifically, Child and Family Services and Child Care Licensing.

We have advocated since our beginning in 2016 for the rights of our children and their families to be who they are with no apologies and no government 'intervention'. Unfortunately government employees feel that 'regulation' means telling facilities how their children should be playing. This is not in fact the case.

I have given each licensing officer, their supervisors, their managers (from the central, south and Calgary regions), as well as the director and associate directors of child care licensing for Alberta, highlighted copies of their official job descriptions, (they are not a fan of mine). I asked them the same thing I ask of my own staff at every staff meeting: Are you following and meeting the expectations of your job description?

I have always hated when people say "that's not my job" and simply pass the buck, but I hate it more when people extend their roles beyond their own capabilities and expertise. In my experience this occurs with those who have an unquenchable need for control and experience delusions of grandeur (usually over-compensation for previous personal traumatic experiences, or unhealthy relationships). The child care licensing regions have recently been redistributed to account for increased work-loads in certain areas (Calgary).

My question is: Would the work loads be more manageable if the licensing officers, their supervisors and managers actually did their jobs?


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