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Facility Child Care Programs


We will encourage individuality through mutual respect and positive reinforcement. Each child is offered compassion as well as the freedom to experience risks in everyday situations to develop healthy self-confidence and regulation. We value trust and accountability: our children are, where no serious harm may occur, allowed to make mistakes and learn from the consequences (natural or otherwise). We give all children the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities without adult interference which allows them to test their own limits and develop a strong sense of self. There are times when children get hurt, but with guidance, they will come to no harm which is crucial to developing resilience.




Our intentionally designed indoor and outdoor spaces, along with weekly programming by our team (completed collaboratively at monthly staff meetings), enables active exploration in a mixed-age group setting which encourages leadership and support. Children explore creatively and play cooperatively to strengthen their social and emotional development while enjoying minimal use of transitions.


Conflict resolution is overseen by staff; however, every child is encouraged to be responsible for their own emotional well-being and to demonstrate respect for each other and their environment. In the day care setting, the children are assisted to understand their feelings through use of our readily available and adaptable tools.


Weather appropriate physical activities occur daily to promote passionate, interactive, and fun learning which is conducive to all spheres of development. Use of real tools allow the children to experience risks and challenges as well as consequences.  Each child is encouraged to simply explore and appreciate the natural environment around them.

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