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Rural Roots; Confident Kids

Parent Information

Parent as well as community participation in our program is supported. Contact us for more information on how to volunteer or join your child in the program for a day of play, and we always value your input!


We invite all parents and community members to join us at our regular semi-annual meetings (keep an eye on our calendar and facebook page). 


To ensure a spot for your child(ren) in the day care and school aged care programs, please ensure you have a calendar completed and submitted to a staff member by the 25th of each month. 


Fees for the submitted month are due at the beginning of each month to hold a place in the program. 

All new registrants are subject to a one-time $75 per family administrative fee.


DROP-INs: Please complete a registration and pick-up and FOIP form prior to drop off. We must ensure we have all completed forms on hand in case of emergency for each child's safety. 

Once registered in to a full or part time spot, it is required that 4 weeks written (e-mail or paper) notice is given for withdrawal from any program and/or extended absences. Failure to do so will result in additional fees equivalent to the current fees. All outstanding fees will be submitted to a collections agency and be subject to 0.05% interest. 

Registration Process:

1. Fill out the appropriate forms for each child

  • Select Daycare, Playschool, or Out of School Care

  • Complete the FOIP form

  • Complete the Pick up/ Drop off permission form

2. Apply for Subsidy


  • If your child has a medical condition or requires medication, please complete the Medical Care Consent.



  • If your financial situation has changed this year and you are denied subsidy based on last year's tax return that is OK! 

  • Appeal and complete monthly reports. Your subsidy will be based on last month rather than last year. 

  • Need Help? Contact us and we can help you through the process!


Our calendar is updated regularly, but Please phone ahead for the most current availability: 403-644-2205


Drop-ins are reccomended to give 24hours notice.


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